March 2016 ㅡ with Jang Dongwoo (INFINITE Dongwoo)
ㅡusing Twenty Sixteen


  • Dongwoo | Jang Dongwoo | INFINITE – rapperdancer | 22 November 1990
  • He’s one of my biases whom I love since 2011. For me, he’s a living angel. I rarely made a fanfiction with him as the cast but there’s this on-progress fanfiction I wrote, tbvh this fanfiction is my favorite -with him as the main cast! Check it out here


April 2016 ㅡ with Eric Nam
ㅡusing Twenty Sixteen


  • Eric Nam | B2M Entertainment – singercomposerMC (basically he’s an artist) | 17 November 1988
  • He’s in the ‘elder line’ of my bias list teehee! His voice can melt everyone’s heart. The future husband type. I would love to marry someone like him (could sing, could entertain people, and could speak more than 3 languages!)


May 2016 ㅡ with Eddy Oh (JJCC Eddy)
ㅡusing Twenty Sixteen

eddy oh

  • Eddy | Edward Young Oh | JJCC – main vocalacrobaticvisual | 7 July 1990
  • He’s one of my biases whom I love so much. I always admire his voice, his good-look, and his ability to make tasty & delicious foods!


June 2016 ㅡ with KNK (크나큰)
ㅡusing The Button
Untitled-34 copy

  • 크나큰 (Keu Na Keun) | KNK | A male idol-group under YNB Entertainment label | 3 March 2016
  • One of those male idol-group that I fancy. ‘크나큰’ means huge/gigantic, portraying the members average height (the shortest one height is 180cm). ‘크나큰’ also means great which portrays their hope to grow as a great group in the K-Pop industry. My bias in the group is Kim Youjin.


July 2016 ㅡ with U-KISS  (유키스)
ㅡusing Independent Publisher

CjXcDomVEAAiHvG.jpg (5344×1500)

  • 유키스 (U-KISS) | Ubiquitous Korean International idol Super Star | A male idol-group under NH Media | 2008
  • I adore this group since the very beginning of its debut date. I adore U-KISS’s style of music that is none like other. Deeply in love with the main vocal of the group which is also the leader of the group, Shin Soohyun.


August 2016 ㅡ with Kim Haesol (Zion.T)
ㅡusing Orvis

Zion copy

  • Zion.T (자이언티) | Kim Haesol (김해솔) | R&B and Hiphop SingerProducer | Amoeba Culture (2013-2016); The Blacklabel (2016-present) | 13 April 1989
  • Another ‘elder line’ in my bias list right after Eric Nam. He got that unique yet addictive voice that can make you through eargasm(s) whenever you hear him singing or even just talking (lol). I am so proud to announce that he’s a low-key talented. Behind the cool Zion.T’s glasses, there is a cutiepie named Kim Haesol. p.s. sexy point: jawline + braces