Why Atatakai-chan & Warm World?

In Japanese, the word ‘Atatakai’ (温かい) means warm. It shares the same meaning and pronunciation with the word ‘Atatakai’ (暖かい).  The difference between them is just that ‘温かい’ is used when you feel with a part of your body, while ‘暖かい’ is used for climate, air or the temperature or something that you feel with your whole body.

I was born as a Chinese. Both grandparents from my mother’s and father’s side are Chinese. Therefore, before my parents gave me my Indonesian name, they first named me with my Chinese name: 黄温菁, where ‘黄’ is my family name and ‘温菁’ is my given name. 

The name Atatakai-chan was inspired by my given name that contains the ‘温’ kanji that requires in the word ‘温かい’. Both means warm, so why not?

In Japanese, there’s an usage of additional ‘-chan’ to call out to someone that is close with you. That’s the reason why I added ‘-chan’ to my pen-name.

Conclusion: I use ‘Atatakai(温かい)-chan’ as my pen-name and ‘Atatakai(暖かい)の世界’ as this blog’s name. 



When did I start writing? Why?

At first I wasn’t familiar with the word ‘fanfiction’ until in 2010 a friend of mine introduce me to it. When I was still in elementary school, I already started writing, at that time I didn’t know that this kind of activity named ‘fanfiction writing’ so I called it ‘imagination composing’. Don’t laugh, okay? I know it is lame!

I am not that type of person who easily makes friend because of some past events happened during my elementary and JHS time. That makes me a person who I am now, I tend to keep what I have in mind by my own because I doubt people will understand. Aside from that, I have to admit that my imagination is much much much wilder and wider than anyone. Not trying to brag. That are the two reasons why I start writing.



Between reality and imaginary…

Another thing to admit besides my tolerance of imagination. I have such weird way of thinking -I commonly think about things that I shouldn’t be thinking like for example: Does the universe has its end? If it does then where’s the end? If it does has an end that means that this universe was only a small part of something bigger. Do I suffer ADHD, guys?

Despite of that, despite of my “imagine if…” thinking, I still realized which one is real and which one is not. I can tell them apart. A lot of people says that it’s not good (and not healthy) to do imagine all the time therefore I did it when I felt stressed out.

It is very not common for someone to talk to themselves, right? But that’s nothing to do with imaginary word. Like what I’ve said, I tend to keep my mind by my own, that’s why I prefer to talk to myself rather than with other people. Hey! I know what you’re thinking! I’m not crazy, get it?



Photoshop-ing is a fun thing to do…

That would be my quote lol. I realized my own potential. I have a bigger rate of success in doing things that is related with machine/computer and art (even though I sometimes can’t draw a straight line with a help of my friend: ruler)

I first start doing photoshop-ing in 2016, for exact it was during March. I accidentally open the program on my laptop and at that time I thought it would be a pity if I didn’t do anything with it. I feel very grateful that I was born with a high-level of curiosity. Since that, I keep on worshiping the program which been released by Adobe.



Gonna stay quiet, calm, and collected until it’s too late for you to back off…

That assumes me well. That’s what kind of person I am



What is my life motto?

I found my life motto when I was 17 years old. It was during my first-year in university. I accidentally found my life motto in a text book I was using for the religion class. 

“Hic et nunc.”